Glass Pool Fencing Sydney NSW

Choosing the right material for pool fencing can be challenging. If you want to balance cost, appearance and aesthetic of the pool fence as well as safety, then glass pool fencing is one of the popular options.

Unlike robust aluminium pool fencing, many pool owners choose to install glass pool fence because of its elegance and style. It also adds great value to your home and gives a modern contemporary vibe to your pool landscape.

There are 2 types of glass pool fencing that My Pool Safety is offering:

  • Frameless glass fencing

It is hard to go wrong with frameless glass fencing when it comes to pool fences. It is a stylish pool fence that will provide an unobstructed and luxurious view of your pool while still ensuring the safety of your family due to its difficulty of climbing. It is made of durable glass panels and can easily adapt to weather change.

  • Semi-frame glass fencing

Semi-frame glass pool fencing has become a popular and classic alternative to traditional aluminium bar pool fences. With its extra panel support, it will provide reasonable safety especially to toddlers and kids while still keeping the attractive appearance.

Glass pool fence safety and pool fence compliance regulations

Contrary to what others believed, glass pool fence is safe for kids and will not break easily. With its right amount of thickness, its glass panels are designed to be strong and durable.

However, installing a good and sturdy pool fence is not enough. If you already have a pool fence, it is also important to make sure that it complies with the relevant fencing laws in NSW Australia.

Apart from that, it is vital to regularly check your pool fence if it is still safe to use. This is also to ensure that kids cannot access the pool easily without supervision.

Why choose My Pool Safety to supply and install your glass pool fence?

  • Minimise the risk of getting a pool non-compliance certificate from a pool fence supplier who doesn’t care about compliance so that paying expensive penalties have to be paid.

  • My Pool Safety has a team of professional and experienced installers who can quickly finish the job for you with customers satisfaction in mind.

  • We can also provide you with high-quality glass pool fence. They are committed to providing personalised and dedicated services to clients according to their needs.

  • Apart from that, MPS is an accredited pool fence compliance certifier in NSW with over 1084 houses inspected. We will make sure that the glass pool fence is not only installed well but also follows the relevant Australian standards for pool fencing. It will definitely save you time and effort as well as money on looking for multiple contractors.

What to do next?

Glass pool fencing is a good option for pool owners who consider both aesthetics and safety. It is also sturdy and durable as it can adapt to weather changes.

Do you want to install glass pool fence? If you want to know more details about installing glass pool fence for your swimming pool, you can request for a new fence quote here!