Pool Fence Safety Compliance Inspection & Repair Service NSW

“Common issues you may encounter with councils or other certifiers” (below)

Non-Compliance Certificate from Council

  • Long Lead Time - Pool fence inspections conducted by the local council usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to finish.

  • Poor Report System – Hard to read and understand Council’s report due to their complicated report system

  • No After Sales Support – Council only does inspection without providing any repair service that helps you get swimming pool compliance certificate (Even if you hire a tradesman for repair, they can’t understand the council’s report and don’t have the capability to repair the barrier to meet the compliance standard)

Non-Compliance Certificate from Other Private Certifiers

  • Lack of Repair Capability - There are certifiers who ONLY do safety inspections for your pools but don’t provide pool repair services (e.g. E1 Certifiers) due to lack of skills and resources.


Why Choose Us for Your Pool Barrier Compliance Inspection & Repair?


We can assist you with complying all the legal requirements for your pool safety through certified inspection and quality repair, so you can not only get a pool compliance certificate at the end but also ensure that your swimming pool is safe enough for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Our certifiers can complete pool compliance inspection in short lead times.

  • Our safety inspector conducts a comprehensive inspection for your pool fence and can provide repair services after the inspection. We can also discuss any areas of concern regarding the process.

  • We provide a detailed and easy to read report with photos and recommendations after the inspection.

  • We can provide repair services with no extra tradesman required (up to $1000). Also, we can do repairs on the spot, no need for another appointment.

  • We issue Compliance or Non-Compliance Certificate after an inspection is completed. The certificate will be emailed directly to you at your convenience.

  • Online contracting and electronic invoicing are also available.

  • We can complete pool barrier inspection and repair within a few days or earlier if required. After the repair, a compliance certificate can be issued to you.

  • We charge reasonable rates for our inspection and repair services (starts at $300). We ensure that you can quality services with huge bang for your buck.

  • We are recommended by many clients because of our excellent customer service and quality workmanship.


For more details about our Pool Safety Inspection and Repair Servicescall My Pool Safety on 02 9920 1241 OR

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“Jeff Neate recently carried out a pool inspection at my property. I found Jeff to be prompt, reliable and professional in every regard. He was also extremely helpful with suggestions for fixing those aspects of the fencing that did not comply on the first inspection. Thoroughly recommended.” - - - Sandra Britton
— https://www.mypoolsafety.com.au/testimonials/