Pool Safety Fences/Barriers And Gates

If you have a pool in your backyard or planning to build one, it is vital to understand that a safety fence/barrier is needed. This is to restrict the access of unsupervised kids in the pool. It is also to avoid expensive penalties for non-compliance.

Unfortunately, some pool owners neglected or overlooked some of the pool safety requirements. Thus, resulting in failure to comply with the pool fence regulations.

Your responsibilities as pool owner

As pool owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your pool complies with the local pool safety standards. You must also check your pool fence and gates if they are installed, operated and maintained carefully.

Apart from that, pool owners should register their pools in the Swimming Pool Register. After you register your pool, you are obliged to have your pool inspected and obtain a compliance certificate.

Reasons why pool fence/barriers & Gates fail to comply

There are a few common reasons why pool barriers fail to comply with the regulation. Here are some of them:

  • Pool gates are not self-closing and self-latching

  • Uncompliant pool barrier height

  • Boundary fence has climbable rails

  • Pool windows are opened by more than the required length

  • Resuscitation and warning signs are not clearly displayed

  • Climbable objects are near the pool barrier

With these complications, pool owners are strictly advised to register their pools and have it inspected by an accredited certifier. To ensure that your pool will not fail again, you must know the pool safety requirements in NSW.

How to make your pool FENCE/barrier &gATES compliant

There are Australian standards that every pool owner should follow. Below are the basic safety pool guidelines to follow in NSW.

1.   The required pool barrier height is at least 1200mm.

2.  There should be a maximum gap of 100mm between the ground and the bottom of the barrier.

3.  The pool barrier should have a self-closing gate. The gate should also open away from the pool (outwards).

4.  The height of the latching device must be at least 1500mm from ground up.

5.  There should be a non-climbable zone (900mm) outside the pool fence.

Repairing pool fence/bARRIER AND gATES

Aside from having your pools inspected, it is important to make sure that all the parts of the fence are well maintained. As early as possible, you must identify some missing parts or damages to your pool fence.

It is vital to choose a private certifier who not only inspects your pool, but can also provide repair services.

The pool compliance inspection and repair as well as the obtaining a certificate of compliance is the right process if your existing swimming pool fence has safety and compliance issue.

But What is the issue with the whole process of gaining a certificate of pool compliance?

There so much cost and so much headache and time involved!

Why getting the new pool fence installed, but they are not compliant and safe for use and the request repair and then followed by another compliance inspection?

WHY NOT buy the proper pool safety fence and barrier and install it to the Australian’s Safety Standard AT THE VERY FIRST PLACE?

My Pool Safety is now selling Pool Safety Fence/Barrier & Gates

My Pool Safety, as an accredited pool compliance certifier in NSW and have inspected over 1084 houses and repaired thousands of swimming pool fences, always believe that “Prevention is better than cure”.

We always strive to solve our customers’ problem quickly and with the highest quality. We are here to make your life easier. Can you imagine buying the some pool fence/barrier and found that they are not compliant with the law after installation?

The issue will never exist if the safety pool fence and barrier is purchased from My Pool Safety.

What Safety Pool FenceS/Barriers and Gates We are selling?

We are selling all types of pool fencing and barrier:

  • Metal Pool Fence & Gate (Include but not limited to aluminum, stainless steel….)

  • Glass Pool Fence & Gate

We are your ONE-STOP Solution to Certificate of Pool Compliance and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the pool safety for you and your family!

Purchasing pool fence/barrier and gate from us can:

  1. Save you on compliance inspection service cost

  2. Save you on repair service cost if you purchase the safety pool fence elsewhere and found it non-compliant after installation

  3. Save you time and hassle of dealing with multiple contacts

  4. Minimise risk of not getting pool compliance certificate on time and have to pay penalty.

  5. Ensure your swimming pool is compliant and safe for your family to enjoy

Please make an inquiry by sending an email to Enquiries@mypoolsafety.com.au or Call (02) 9920 1241.