Swimming pool Compliance inspections

  • Detailed written PDF report that is completed onsite (including photos and diagrams to assist in any rectification work) 

  • Verbal discussion onsite of any areas of concern

  • We accept all major credit cards and have electronic invoicing sent directly to you.

  • Certificate of compliance (where compliance is achieved), we can also provide the new Non-compliance certificates for customers selling their homes

  • Inspections will generally be completed within a few days of you contacting us  - or sooner if required    

Repair work to meet Compliance

Quotes available for repairs to rectify any areas of non-compliance. As each repair is different we offer free quotes for each swimming pool  - Request a quote and we will help get your barrier up to standard.

“Jeff was extremely helpful and informative. He explained what he was doing and why at every stage as well as what the different guidelines were for the age of the pool. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone. “ - - - Richard Powell
— https://www.mypoolsafety.com.au/testimonials/