Looking For Pool Fence Compliance Safety Certificate & Potentially Pool Fencing Repair in NSW?




Below is a graphic that helps you quickly understand the process of checking residential swimming pool or spa pool safety compliance NSW

NSW Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Requirement.png

What is the latest law on pool safety compliance?

Selling or leasing a property with a pool and/or spa in NSW

From 29 April 2016, properties sold with a pool must have one of: a ‘relevant occupation certificate’; a ‘certificate of compliance’; or a ‘certificate of non-compliance’, issued from the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

This means that from 29 April 2016:

1. Vendors are now able to transfer the obligation of obtaining a ‘certificate of compliance’ to the purchaser. A ‘certificate of non-compliance’ can now be attached to the contract of sale.

2. The buyer of a property with a non-compliant swimming pool has 90 days from the date of settlement to address any issues of pool barrier non-compliance and obtain a certificate of compliance.

3. Properties with more than two (2) dwellings are exempt from the requirement to provide a compliant pool barrier on sale or lease, as they are already regulated through mandatory three (3)-yearly council inspections.

Reference: https://www.spasa.com.au/consumer-info/fencing-laws/nsw-barrier-laws/

Which Australian Standard Should Apply When Assessing A Pool Barrier?

So What Do You Need To Do Now To Make Sure Your Pool Is Safe And Compliant With The Latest NSW Regulations?

Request A Pool Safety Inspection NOW this will help get the swimming pool inspected as soon as possible


Why should I get the services from My Pool Safety (Reliable Pool Safety Inspections)?

1.  We are better than Council

Let me be honest with you here. Yes, council may sound like a bit cheaper than us. But is it worth the hassle? It possibly ends up costing you more!

Specific Reasons Are:

(1) We are well trained and have hold an E1 certifier qualification and a builders license, and we are the real experts in the field.

(2) We have inspected over 1084 houses in New South Wales (NSW) and have helped so many people get their pool safety compliance certificate and received great feedback.

(3) We are using the auditor safety report system and it is a lot better than the Council’s reporting system: It is not only easier to read and follow, it also provided more details so your pool is in a safe hands.

(4) Some Council’s only provide a written report without photos or language you can understand , we will provide a detailed report with photos and we can ALSO help with any repairs needed too. We are your ONE STOP solution!

(5) It may take council 3-4 weeks to do the inspection while we can do the inspection much faster. (Some customers have had their pool inspected by us within 24 hours after they Request an Inspection)

2. We are better than other service providers

There are other pool compliance and safety inspection services in NSW out there and we have a similar price, but we have advantages over them!

Specific Advantages Are:

(1) We have a huge of network with Sheetmetal & fabrication industry to help with repair & fix the non-complaint fence because the business owner Jeff used to be a Sheetmetal & Service Manager in a local & well known Sheetmetal & Engineering Manufacturing Company.

(2) We are a still a well established company and we are eager to please our customers and look after them.  We are a growing business mainly based on referral.

(3) We are currently working with many big real estate agents and industries suppliers to make sure that the quality of "pool compliance inspection services" and "repair work" are maintained at a high level!

(4) We appreciate your business and have simplified everything to save you time, money and hassle! Short lead time is our advantage! (eg. We have an online form to get you signed up with us and to get your pool inspected within 24-36 hours)

3. We are transparent & recommended by many clients


(1) What is included in the inspection service?

  • Detailed written PDF report that is completed onsite (including photos and diagrams to assist in any rectification work)

  • Verbal discussion onsite of any areas of concern

  • Recommendations/referrals to repairers for large jobs

  • We accept all major credit cards and have electronic invoicing sent directly to you

  • Certificate of compliance (where compliance is achieved), we can also provide the new Non-Compliance Certificates for customers selling their homes - Don't get caught out and pay extra for this with other companies!

(2) How much will it cost me for the pool safety inspection?

  • Initial On Site Inspection: $300 Inc GST

  • On Site Re-Inspection: $150 Inc GST

  • Repair Work: On Quote

(3) How long does it take for the safety inspection process? /How soon can we do it/ when can you come to my house and do the inspection? 

Depends on how soon you fill our online contract. A house visit/appointment could be arranged according to both of our schedules after the online contract is completed. But most inspections can be completed within days on the contract being completed.

(4) How does the pool compliance inspection work and how do I get the complaint certificate for my pool?

Our certifier will book an inspection with you and come on site to inspect the pool, once the inspection is completed, the certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours or sooner if required.

            (5) How do I pay?

            Cash, Credit card Or Direct transfer


Request A Pool Safety Inspection NOW this will help get the swimming pool inspected as soon as possible  

See what our clients have said about us

"Pool compliance certification initially seemed complicated and difficult. However, the process with My Pool Safety went smoothly and we were able to get all the necessary checks done to pass. We were very happy with the process."

- Kate & Ross, Turramurra

"I would recommend Jeff Neate from Reliable Pool Safety Inspections, he was very courteous and helpful."

- Vince Giuliano

"Provided excellent advise and sensible solutions to comply with regulations"

- John McPherson

"Jeff was very thorough in his inspection of our pool and surrounds and provided a very detailed report after the inspection. He also took the time to offer common sense solutions to bring our pool fencing up to the required standard.We found Jeff to be very polite and friendly and would recommend his service for a pool inspection."

- Simone, Lilyfield

"Jeff, thank you for your prompt response to our request and for the professional manner you displayed throughout your work. "

- Linda

"Thank you for your professional and prompt approach with the certification of my pool. A daunting task was made easy by your guidance. I would recommend your company to anyone. "

- Anthony Adams Kellyville

"Jeff Neate recently carried out a pool inspection at my property. I found Jeff to be prompt, reliable and professional in every regard. He was also extremely helpful with suggestions for fixing those aspects of the fencing that did not comply on the first inspection. Thoroughly recommended."

- Sandra Britton

"Jeff was very helpful, informative, punctual and great to deal with long distance will deal with him again thanks for the great service"
- Lara Miller

"Pleasure to deal with. Friendly, fast service. Highly Reccomend. "
- Bev Aylott

"Jeff recently inspected our swimming pool fence. I kept putting the inspection off as I was worried this was going to be a major drama with all the government regulations and rules, but as it turns out that was not the case.

Yes there are a great deal of criteria that needed to be met, but Jeff explained the reason behind these regulations and that made it easy to understand the necessity for the inspection. Jeff was thorough and very helpful at addressing any problems, he made the whole process a breeze and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring this inspection. It was good to deal with someone that had old school values and professionalism."

-Jeff Beckhaus

"A professional service - from the time I made the initial call to receiving the compliance certificate. All staff were friendly and knowledgeable and all aspects of the process was explained. Punctual, reliable and honest."

- Zaphira

"Friendly professional with prompt service. Highly recommend Jeff. "

- Kim from North Rocks

"Jeff was extremely helpful and informative. He explained what he was doing and why at every stage as well as what the different guidelines were for the age of the pool. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone. "

- Richard Powell

"Great, efficient service, Jeff is a very knowledgeable inspector and made the whole process easy. The report was great and his communication was brilliant, kept us up to date with what was needed and when. 5 Stars can't recommend this service more highly!"

- Mellanie Moore


Request A Pool Safety Inspection NOW this will help get the swimming pool inspected as soon as possible