6 Common Mistakes That Swimming Pool Owners Make

It is the responsibility of the pool owners to properly maintain safety and cleanliness around the pools. However, there are some common mistakes that pool owners usually make when maintaining their pools.

Doing your pool maintenance in the a wrong way can cause you some serious problems such as algae outbreak, damaging of pool equipment and unexpected injury. It can also cost you time and money. There are certain things that pool owners must bear in mind.

Here are the 6 common mistakes swimming pool owners often make.

1.    Neglecting to check chemical balance of pool water

Some pool owners neglected to check water chemical balance of their pool water. Pool owners might think that it is fine, but an unbalanced chemical level may cause some serious problems.

With a very low pH level, your pool water is very acidic. A very acidic pool water may look very clear but it can result in a major damage to your equipment and your body. On the other hand, a very high pH level is harmful to your skin. It can also make the pool water become turbid which is terrible.

Pool owners must regularly check the proper chemical balance of the water in their pools. You can use a home test kit or test strips to check the pool water’s chemical level. After that, you can have it checked at your local pool supply store to know what action must be applied.

2.    Forgot to clean the skimming baskets and/or hair and lint pot

Forgetting to clean the skimming basket is another common mistake among pool owners. A dirty skimming basket may lead to different pool problems. One of these is the algae outbreak around your filters or skimming basket.

It is recommended to clear the skimmer, hair and lint pot regularly. Uncleaned skimmers may result in the decrease of water flow in your pools. It can also make the pump harder to push out the water in your pools.

3.    Not maintaining the proper water level in the pool

Some pool owners allow the water in their pool stays at a very low level or have left the water level of their pool unnoticed. This is one of the common mistakes pool owners make.

When the water level almost reaches the bottom part of your pool tile line, the pump may start to suck air into its system instead of water. If left unattended, this can cause serious pool problem such as breaking the pump easily.

4.    Forgot to include pool walls when cleaning

Owners must clean their pool regularly to prevent it from getting dirty. However, there are certain spots that the pool owners always miss when cleaning their pools.          

For instance, pool walls are usually ignored when pool owners are cleaning the pools. Even though you can’t see it, there may be growing algae on the walls. To prevent a serious algae problem from occurring, owners are advised to brush the pool walls frequently.

5.    Incorrect way of shocking the pool

Pool owners must understand why and how pool shocking is performed. Shocking is a way to keep your pool water safe and clean. It is done with the superchlorination process. Shocking your pool will kill off bacteria and boost the effectivity of the chlorine in the water.

A common mistake that most pool owners make is adding the shock directly to the pool water. Shock is a concentrated chlorine. Its granules may sink to the bottom of the pool which can cause the liner to break.

Pool owners must know how to shock their swimming pools properly. A large amount of sodium hypochlorite should be pre-dissolved in a container before mixing into the pool water. Also, pools that are being chlorinated should not be used until the sodium hypochlorite count in water goes down.

6.    Pools are not inspected

The NSW government is implementing some regulations on pool safety, but some pool owners do not realise the requirement of having their pools inspected.

Pool owners must get their pools inspected. This is to ensure that the pool is compliant with the law. This is also to confirm that the pools are properly maintained. Pool safety inspection is also needed when the owner wants to sell or lease a property with a pool.

A good pool safety inspector can not only help you a lot with your pool inspection needs but also provide repair service for you to fix your pool safety problem.


It is the responsibility of the pool owners to learn more about the proper maintenance of their pools. Taking care of your pool is not a difficult job but it is important to know how it is done correctly. Pool owners must avoid these common mistakes to keep the swimming pool in good condition.

Pool owners must also remember that the safety of their pool lies in their hands. They should try their best to maintain their pools properly in different ways such as cleaning the pool regularly and having a pool safety inspection. It may require some maintenance job but it should not be disregarded, just to prevent serious safety problems from happening.