6 Ways to Fix Swimming Pool Common Issues

It is unavoidable to encounter random problems associated with your pool as time passes. You must fix these issues as soon as possible to prevent the potential dangers they may cause.

Proper care and maintenance of the swimming pool can be a hassle for you (the pool owner) especially if you do not know how to do it. Thus, you must first recognise what these common problems are and know how to solve them. Below are the common swimming pool issues and how to fix them.  

1.    Regularly check your swimming pool condition

To detect early signs of pool damages, you must regularly check the condition of your swimming pool. Pool issues such as rusty pool fences, broken latches, and others may get even worse if ignored. To remove the rust and dirt from the pool fence, you can use a sandpaper to wipe them off. After that, rinse and apply a rust proof paint to protect it.

Moreover, you must also often inspect the pool water to discover indications of chlorination and water balance problems. Checking your pool condition frequently makes it easier to identify and fix common pool issues.

2.    Get rid of algae

You may have encounter algae problems in your pool. Algae are usually green, black or yellow in colour. The common causes of their growth are low sanitation, poor water circulation and improper water balance.

Algae makes the pool look horrible and uninviting. It can also create a slippery pool surface which may cause injuries from potential slipping and falling in the pool.

To solve this problem, you must perform a shock treatment in the pool. You can also brush away algae colonies along the pool surface. If needed, use an algaecide to totally solve this problem.

3.    Search for leaks

Leaking is a frustrating problem to every pool owner. It can not only ruin your pool but can also lead to unexpected injuries. In addition, it may cause a significant increase to your water bill.

To fix it, you must first locate the leak. A common way to detect a leak is by doing the “bucket test”. Although there are different ways to fix the leaking problem of your pool, it is best to contact an expert to help you solve this problem.

 4.      Repair cracked concrete walls and floors

Cracked concrete walls, floors, and pool decks can cause injuries to you and your children. You can fix this issue by patching the small cracks. Simply drain the water to the level below the crack. Then slightly widen it to remove loose edges and patch it with cement.

On the other hand, cracks that are longer than 2 feet may indicate structural problems that cannot be solved by simple latching. These cracks can only be fixed through excavation.

5.    Remove pool stains

Stains are usually found on the walls or floors of your swimming pool. They are mainly caused by the metal (or rust-based materials) that are introduced into the pool.

To solve this problem, you can adjust the pH levels and alkalinity of your pool. Alternatively, you can take a water sample to a pool specialist. The experts will identify the cause of the stain and provide an appropriate solution for its removal.

6.    Get your pool inspected by certified pool safety expert

To prevent issues such as a non-compliant pool fence, you must get some pool safety inspection service which helps you keep your children safe around the pool area and avoid penalties from the council.

A certified pool safety inspector can also provide repair services so you don’t need to worry about fixing your swimming pool.


Most of the common swimming pool issues can be fixed by the home owners. With the given suggestions above, you can now be able to fix pool issues using the right materials.

On the other hand, not everyone is an expert for solving pool problems. If you have difficulties in identifying and fixing your pool’s problems, a reliable pool safety inspector can help you. They can assist you by doing swimming pool inspection and repairs which makes you and your family safe