6 Websites That You Can Learn About NSW Pool Compliance and Safety

In NSW, pool compliance and safety can be very confusing. Each state in Australia has different pool compliance regulations that pool owners need to follow. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to penalties or even pool-related accidents.

Public knowledge and awareness are important when it comes to pool compliance and safety. There are now some authority websites that create relevant contents for topics such as pool compliance and pool safety and relevant pool legislations. These helpful sites are easily accessible on the internet.

Below are the 6 websites that you can learn about NSW pool compliance and safety.

1. Swimming Pool Register

Registering your swimming pool is mandatory in NSW. The Swimming Pool Register is accessible for pool owners who need to register their pools. Their webpages provide complete steps and related info on how to register your swimming pool.

You can also find helpful checklists so that you can self-assess your pool. Aside from that, inspection guidelines and a list of accredited private certifiers who are authorised to issue pool certificates are also available.

2. NSW Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading promotes and maximises the traders’ compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. They protect consumer rights and investigate any breaches of legislation. They educate not only consumers but also traders regarding their rights and obligations.

When it comes to pool compliance and safety, they make sure that consumers and traders can understand and comply with their rights and obligations.

3. Royal Life Saving Society

Royal Life Saving Society works to prevent drowning and facilitate healthy lifestyle by equipping you with various water safety skills. They are the principal organisation in vocational training. They are also responsible to provide training outcomes to support the Aquatic and Recreation Industry in Australia.

Royal Life Saving Society is a registered charity and not a profitable organisation. On their website, they provide information on national drowning reports, activities and educational awards and many more.

4. Building Professionals Board

BPB is an NSW Government authority created to oversee building and subdivision certification under the Building Professionals Act 2005. They also accredit and regulates certifiers in NSW.

Their website provides information on how to be a pool certifier. Moreover, they provide valuable information for swimming pools and certification.


SPASA Australia or The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd is Australia’s Peak Swimming Pool & Spa Industry Body. They aim to maintain and improve the standards within the swimming pool and spa industry.

They represent a large body industry of professionals in Australia that advocate and respond to issues relating to the industry. They also ensure a responsible outcome for their members and consumers.

6. My Pool Safety

My Pool Safety (Sydney based) is a popular and reliable pool fence and gate certifier that provides inspection and repair services in NSW. They can provide a certificate of compliance after your barriers meet the local council pool compliance and safety requirement.

They are pool inspectors that hold an E1 certifier qualification. MPS is known for their fast and quality pool safety services with reasonable price.


Since pool compliance and safety are very important in NSW, these websites can help pool owners to keep everyone safe in the pool and avoid paying expensive fines potentially.

If you want to learn more about pool safety and compliance regulations, a reliable private certifier in NSW such as My Pool Safety can help you. Private certifiers can offer a complete pool safety inspection. Some of them can provide relevant repair services to achieve compliance and ultimate safety.