How To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe Around Swimming Pools

Often than not, kids love to play with water. But the question is, during summer, are they "Water Ready"? And more importantly, are you?

Accidents in pools such as drowning usually happened to young kids. They can fall into a pool getting drown very easily.  Thus, properly maintained safety fence around pools is important to help secure the safety of children.

Related pool fencing law was implemented so that pool owners will have to install protective safety barriers. This is to restrict easy access to swimming pools of residential properties in NSW. The responsibility for construction applies to all pool owners.

Once suitable and compliant barriers have been installed around swimming pools, it is imperative that owners ensure the barriers are maintained so they continue to work properly.

Most importantly, with installing complaint pool barriers and adult supervision, you can ensure that your loved ones are safe around pools.

Adult Supervision

Swimming pool barriers can’t be used as a substitute for adult supervision.  Children who are playing around the area must be observed by an adult.

The following is a number of simple steps to follow to to make sure that young children are suitably supervised in and around the swimming pool/spa area:

1.  In this case supervision means to keep watching over your kids for their security. You must have constant visual contact.

2. You must take your children with you if you leave the pool area even for a few minutes.

3. Supervision includes making sure that safety barriers such as gates and doors are not left open by children, in poor maintenance, or, propped open in a permanent manner.

While adult supervision is a great help on keeping your children safe, installing a compliant pool fence and have proper pool maintenance are also super vital. Read on below.

Pool fence maintenance

After appropriate compliant barriers have been installed, pool owners must ensure that are ongoing maintenance are in place so the swimming pool is safe for everyone to use.

Here are few more tips on how safety barriers can be properly maintained:

1.  Maintain safety barriers installed to gates, doors and windows fitted correctly, and, still operating correctly.

2. Examine fences frequently to see whether they are in good condition and are non-climbable by small children.

3. Check landscaping to ensure that tree branches, pot plants etc. are not able to be climbed by young children to gain access to the swimming pool.

4. Maintain general area surrounding safety barriers to ensure that chairs, boxes, etc. are cannot be climbed by young children to gain access to the swimming pool.

Consideration should also be given to inspect adjoining properties and ensure that there are no potential hazards or climbable objects that may allow access of young children to the swimming pool.

Swimming pool fences and spa safety barriers

Under the Swimming Pool Act of 1992 all swimming pools and spas installed before April 1991 must be provided with suitable fences or barriers to prevent small children from entering the pool area. The regulations:

1.  Regulate any remaining non-compliant pools after compliance date.

2. Require compulsory self-closures to gates and doors in barriers to pre-1991 pools and spas.

Introduce obligations for maintenance and responsibility

1.  Require building permits for new pool fencing and new pools with a depth of water of more than 300 mm.

2. Increase maximum court fines for non-compliance.

Further information about these regulations can be accessed below.

Other Safety Steps

There are a number of other strategies that can be adopted by pool owners to provide more protection for young children in and around the swimming pool.

Below are safety measures that you must consider. Everyone should use the swimming pool/spa with safety in mind.

1.  Consider the possible danger of drinking alcohol when staying in the pool.

2. You should display a clearly visible resuscitation chart around swimming pool.

3. You can undertake an approved first aid/resuscitation course.

4. Encourage young children take swimming lessons and help them accquire necessary skills to be safe when swimming in the pool.


Preventing accidents from happening on your family seems overwhelming. However, by keeping the pool clean, safe and well maintained, you can help reduce accidents. These tips above will surely help your loved ones stay safe in the future. Have a safe and fun pool season!