2018 Latest NSW Pool Safety Inspection Checklist

To meet the swimming pool fence regulations in NSW and to avoid getting a non-compliance certificate after a pool compliance inspection, you should go through a proper evaluation on your pool safety.

Here is a self-assessment checklist to determine if your pool is compliant with the Australian Standards (NSW Pool Fencing Law in this case) .

Pool fence

  • Pool fence should be at least 1200mm high (from the ground level).
  • The gap from the bottom of the fence to the ground is no more than 100mm.
  • If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier should be 1800mm high from the pool area.
  • The gap between the vertical bars in the fence should not exceed 100mm.
  • The gap between the horizontal bars should be at least 900cm apart.
  • The holes in the barrier (if mesh fencing is used) should be 13mm or less.
  • The pool fence should be well maintained and in good working condition (no holes, rust or broken parts).

Pool gate and windows

  • Gate should be self-closing from any position.
  • The gate should latch by itself.
  • The latching device should be at least 1500mm above the ground level.
  • The gate should open outwards (away from the pool).
  • Windows should open not more than 100mm and should have a locking device.

Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)

  • There should be no potential hand holds or foot holds (e.g. shrubs, trees, pot plants, ladders, chairs and other objects) within the 900mm non-climbable zone.
  • Non-Climbable Zone should be measured in an arc shape from the top of the fence to the ground.
  • There should be a 300mm clearance from the barrier inside the pool area.
  • An appropriate warning sign such as the CPR guidelines should be available near the pool area and can be easily read from a distance of 3m.

For indoor pools and spas

Checklist for all indoor pools, including spas that don’t have a lockable child –resistant closure:

  • The latch on the gate should be at least 1500mm above ground level.
  • There should be no pet door or opening that is more than 100mm.
  • There should be no wall openings greater than 100mm.
  • The windows should open to a maximum of 100mm. 
  • An appropriate and clear warning sign such as the CPR guidelines should be available near the pool area and can be easily read from a distance of 3m.
  • There should be no climbable objects within 1200mm area outside the fence.

This assessment only serves as a guide for you before having your pool safety inspection which is required by the local NSW government .

If you have completed the checklist above, you can now book or schedule a pool safety inspection who can provide you with a compliance certificate or help you fix any non-compliance issues for your swimming pool.