Safety Requirement When Renting or Renting Out a House with a Pool and Spa Area

A swimming pool with spa area is considered as an additional feature for those who are searching for a property to rent. However, there are some important things to consider before signing your tenancy agreement.

Either you are a landlord or tenant, it is important to understand the regulations on renting and leasing to avoid accidents and penalties. When planning to rent a house with a pool and spa area, there are certain things you should know:

Liability for potential accidents and injuries

For property owners and landlords, you are liable for the injuries that your pool and spa may cause to your tenants. Your duty is to maintain your swimming pool in good condition. Also, you should fix any pool issues and repair damages in the pool area to ensure safety.

To ensure everyone is safe, pool barriers are required to be installed. Apart from that, you should also check if you are following the pool safety fence guidelines.

Meeting all the pool safety fence requirements

You should see to it that a pool safety barrier is installed. Also, you should check if the pool fence is regularly maintained. For tenants, inform your landlord straight away if there are faults or issues regarding the pool barrier.

In NSW, new laws are enforced in terms of renting a property with a pool and spa area.

Swimming pool fence compliance laws have changed

According to the Swimming Pool Amendment Act 2012, properties that are leased with a pool must have:

In accordance with the law, these changes affect the following:

1.      A vendor of a property with a pool

2.      A purchaser of a property with a pool

3.      A tenant of a property with a pool

4.      A landlord of a property with a pool

5.      A real estate agent selling or leasing a property with a pool

6.      A conveyancer or solicitor transferring the ownership of a property with a pool

7.      NSW councils

8.      NSW accredited certifiers

This means that as a landlord, you are obliged to have a certificate of compliance ready before signing the residential tenancy agreement with your tenants

Obtain compliance certificate

As part of the Swimming Pool Act, a certificate of compliance should be presented when you are renting a property with a swimming pool or spa. The certificate of compliance is a proof that the pool meets all relevant Australian pool fence requirements.


If you are renting out a property with a pool or spa area, you should stay informed about the law and obtain the required documents. You should also maintain and fix all damages in your pool. It can save you a great deal of money, and even save your property.

For tenants, being knowledgeable about the law is important. You should check if the pool meets all the safety requirements. If you notice any irregularities and issues regarding the pool, you should inform your landlords right away.

For questions about renting a property with a pool and spa area and how to obtain the necessary certificate, you may contact a certifier. They will help you obtain a compliance certificate and assist you to fix any pool fence issues.