Glass pool fencing: is it a great choice for your pool?

The main reason why pool fences are built is to act as a safety barrier for the kids. However, pool fences have evolved into something more nowadays. It has become a feature that adds elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the pool.

With this, some pool owners find more interest in glass pool fences. But, there are some things that must be taken into consideration before installing your own glass pool fence.

To guide pool owners, here is a blog post to discuss if glass pool fencing is a great choice for your pool.

What types of glass pool fences are available

For glass pool fence, you can choose from the following options. Read on here.

1. Semi-frameless

In this type, glass panels are attached to aluminium posts which are embedded into the ground. It is a good choice for people who need minimalist approach for their pool fence.

2. Frameless

A frameless glass pool fence has a classic appeal which can complement different types of landscapes.

Frameless glass fence is considered as the most elegant option for glass pool fence. As its name implies, this type of pool fence is installed without a frame. It is only held in place with the use of spigots. This will make the fence to look more subtle and non-invasive.

The main drawback of frameless glass pool fence is that if it is way too transparent, some people may bump into them. With this, you may want to use safety stickers on certain corners of the glass.

Other than that, it is still considered a viable and effective barrier for the pool.

Advantages of glass pool fence

Glass pool fence definitely has its own list of advantages. Here are some of the reasons why glass pool fence is a good choice over the classic aluminium fence.

  • Design flexibility

Some pool owners choose to install pool glass pool fencing because of its design flexibility. It adapts easily to weather change. It is also resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, it doesn’t require regular repairs.

  • Low maintenance

Unlike metal, glass pool fences do not rust. Thus, glass pool fence requires less maintenance than other pool fence type. To clean, you just have to sprinkle it with water then wipe it down with a piece of cloth.

  • Aesthetically pleasing/looks elegant

If you think about elegance and style, glass pool fence is a good choice. Moreover, it adds tremendous value to your property. It also gives off a modern contemporary look.

Since glass is transparent, it can also give you the view you want without restrictions or obstructions. It does not ruin the overall look of your pool landscape.

Can a glass pool fence break?

Some people usually associate glass with something that could shatter or break easily. However, this is not the case for glass pool fence.

It is made of strong and durable glass with the right amount of thickness for safety and protection. Moreover, the chance for a glass pool fence to shatter is 1 in 1000. It can even withstand a temperature of over 200ᵒC.

But in an unlikely event when the glass fence breaks, it will only shatter into small cubes instead of sharp pieces. It will also not cause any cuts or serious injuries to the people around it.

Is it safe for kids?

In terms of safety, pool fencing is important to make sure that kids cannot access the pool easily. Glass fencing is an excellent choice as pool barrier. This is because it has a smooth surface where it is difficult to climb.

The glass panels are also fitted closely together. Thus, kids cannot enter between or under glass panels.

Glass pool fencing considerations

When it comes to glass pool fencing, there are a few things that pool owners need to consider. Learn more below.

  • Cost

You cannot deny that installing glass pool fence can be expensive. The overall cost of installing this type of pool fence will also depend on the thickness of the glass panels (8mm, 10mm and 12mm), project requirement and customer preferences.

Although installing glass pool fence is costly, you can never go wrong with the quality and benefits you will get.

  • Australian Standards

Glass pool fence should follow the Australian Standards for pool fences. It should have a minimum height of 1200mm.

Also, make sure that your glass supplier will provide you with a glass fence and gate that will meet the Australian standards.

  • Who should install

When planning to have a glass pool fence, make sure to hire an accredited installer who are knowledgeable enough when it comes to Australian Standards. In this way, failing for the pool fence inspection can be avoided.


If you are looking for a fence that can showcase the beauty and elegance of your pool, then glass pool fence is a great choice. When choosing, you may also want to consider factors such as budget and your particular needs. Glass pool fence is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but is also safe and durable.

Are you interested in installing glass pool fence? My Pool Safety can provide glass pool fences and are able to install it for you. Furthermore, they inspect and repair pool fences to ensure law compliance and family safety.