What causes pool fence failure and How to deal with it

Serious pool-related incidents including drowning in the pool may occur as there is no child-resistant barrier installed around the pool. The reason can be a faulty pool barrier that has been disregarded.

It is clear that pool owners need to be vigilant and check their pool barriers for any defects. A faulty pool fence can cause a lot of serious problems such as pool non-compliance and even drowning.

To help pool owners prevent accidental drownings and other pool-related injuries, here is a blog post about what causes pool fence failure and how to deal with it.

Pool fence is not good quality

Pool fences that are made from cheap materials may ruin the overall look of your pool. It may also be the reason why accidents happen in the pool.

This is why a good quality pool fence must be installed around your pool. Some pool owners may think that getting a pool fence is a piece of cake. But, the truth is, there are certain things that must be well-thought-out. Before getting a pool fence, you must plan ahead and choose the best one with good quality.

Nowadays, there are a lot of pool fences available in the market. From the popular aluminium fences to stylish glass panel design, all are offered by pool fence traders.

It is important that before anything else, you have to pick what type of pool fence to be installed. Your choice will also depend on the overall style and look that you want to achieve for your swimming pool area.

It will be helpful to ask your contractor on what construction materials they will use for your pool fence. You can also visit some past projects from your chosen pool fence installer to see and examine the type of materials they usually use.

Pool fence is not installed properly

One reason why pool fence fails in Australia is that it is not properly installed. For others, there may be pool fence that is installed around the pool, but if some parts of it have defects, children can still gain access to the pool without adult supervision.

A pool fence that is not properly installed may also cause a lot of problems like paying expensive penalties for non-compliance and injuries.

If you are trying to install the pool fence by yourself, then you must make sure to follow some basic steps on how to install your pool barriers. On the other hand, if you are hiring a pool fence installer, they must be accredited and skilled when it comes to pool fence installation. In this way, pool fence failure will be avoided.

It is also important to regularly check and monitor your pool fence for any defects and damages. Regular maintenance is useful to detect damages so that it will be repaired or replaced immediately.

Before the pool fence installation, it is also crucial to consider the location where you want to install the pool fence, pool fence installation price, safety regulations, etc.

Not compliant to pool safety regulations

In most cases, pool fence fails especially during inspections because it is not compliant with the Australian Standards. Following pool fence compliance regulations is crucial in NSW.

A pool barrier in NSW is required to be 1200mm in height. If the fence that will be installed is lower than the minimum height, your pool will be prone to unexpected accidents.

There are already major cases of drowning that were reported for the past few years. Thus, it is vital to make sure to check and follow the pool fence compliance regulations in NSW.

Unknowledgeable pool fence installer

Sometimes, unknowledgeable pool fence installers are the ones to be blamed when it comes to pool fence failure. This is because some of them do not fully understand NSW’s pool fence regulations.

That is why, when choosing a pool fence vendor, it is imperative to look for someone who is accredited and knowledgeable enough on compliance regulations and can install the pool fence according to Austraian compliance and safety standard.


Pool owners must take time to go through and inspect what causes pool fence failure. By doing this, it can save them a lot of time and money associated with possible follow-up inspections and other pool-related problems.

A faulty or defective pool fence can result in many serious problems including drowning. To avoid this, it will be helpful to look for a good and accredited pool fence installer. There is a reliable pool fence supplier in NSW who does not only provide high-quality pool fence, but are install the pool fence for you with pool safety and compliance ensured.