6 important considerations when selecting a pool fence

A pool fence is one of the major safety features if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. Pool fences can serve different functions. It can restrict your kids from accessing the pool, for privacy and to enhance the appearance of your property. If you are in NSW, then having a child-resistant barrier around the pool is a regulation.

As for pool fences, currently there is a wide range of choices available in the market. Choosing the right one for your pool may require more than just aesthetics.

To help you make an right decision, below are 6 important factors to consider when selecting a pool fence. Read on below. 

1. Material used for the pool fence

There are a lot of pool fence material choices available today. The most popular and commonly used materials are wood, aluminium, steel, mesh and glass panels.

All these materials have their own strengths and limitations when it comes to pool fencing. Nevertheless, your choice will also depend on your budget and what type of pool fence will suit the style of your pool and your pool area.

2. Overall design

When deciding which type of pool fence to use, make sure to choose a fence that will contribute to the general ambience of your backyard.

Some pool owners usually choose steel pool fences because they are durable and can be painted with a colour of your choice. Others may also choose a wood fence to create a more countryside vibe.

Moreover, if you want to add more value and aesthetics to your pool area, glass pool fence is the best choice. Glass pool fence is also transparent and blends well with the pool surroundings.

3. Cost of pool fencing

When installing a pool fence, the cost of the pool fence is a crucial factor. Thus, it will be a good idea to plan how much you’d like to spend on it beforehand.

The total cost of pool fencing includes the cost of the fence itself and the installation fee. If you are install it by yourself, then the cost will be much lower compared to hiring a professional.

Pool fences may cost from $200-$600 per linear metre depending on the type of material. The installation cost will vary based on the scale of the fencing project.

4. Permanent or removable

Choosing between permanent or removable pool fence is a matter of personal needs and preference. If you need more space around the pool, then a removable pool fence is what you need. For removable pool fences, you can easily take it down especially during parties or get-together with relatives and friends.

However, if you have kids around, then it is best to install a permanent pool fence. This is to restrict them from entering the pool even without adult supervision.

5. DIY or Professional installation

No matter what type of pool fence you want to install around your pool area, it will not be an effective child-resistant barrier if it is not installed properly.

Installing a pool fence by yourself may require more time and effort. If it is not done correctly, then your family can be at risk.

However, if you choose to call a professional to install the pool fence, then it can save you more time and effort. You just have to pay a little more and let the pool fence installers do the job properly for you.

Just make sure that some pool fence installer such as My Pool Safety are skilled and knowledgeable enough with the pool fence compliance regulations in NSW. This is to avoid any problems such as failing the pool fence inspection and paying expensive penalties.

6. Pool fence regulations

In terms of the size of the pool fence, the NSW government has provided standard measurements and dimensions of a pool fence. As pool owners, it is important to follow the relevant pool fence regulations for your child’s safety and to avoid penalties.

Some of the pool fence requirements in NSW include the pool fence height, self-closing pool gates, ground spacing, vertical and horizontal spacing, Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ) and CPR and warning signs.


Selecting the right pool fence is an important decision that pool owners should make. Your choice can make a big difference in the safety of your family and the overall appearance of your home.

Once you choose the right pool fence, it is recommended to hire a professional pool fence installer so that the pool fence will be installed properly. Furthermore, make sure to choose a pool fence installer that is skilled and knowledgeable enough on pool fence legislation to avoid any pool compliance issue.