How much does pool fencing cost in NSW

To restrict kids from entering the pool area without supervision, pool fencing is required in Australia. Safety is indeed an important aspect for any swimming pool.

There are some factors that must be considered when it comes to pool fencing installation. When you are planning to install your pool, it is also crucial that you set a budget for pool fencing.

Here is a guide on how much does pool fencing costs in NSW so that you can plan your pool fence project and budget accordingly.

Know your budget

Your budget of pool fence may depend on the type of material you want to use for your pool. As long as the pool fence conforms to the Australian Standards for pool fencing, the budget is totally up to you.

The cost of the pool fencing may range from $200 to $600 per linear meter, depending on the materials being used. Other expenses may also include labour cost, other pool fencing materials such as fence posts, gate hinges, gate latch, hand rails, etc.

Choosing a pool fence

The materials to be used for pool fencing will depend on the pool owner’s preferences and needs. Below are the main types of pool fencing.

  • Metal pool fencing

The most popular metal fencing options are steel and aluminium. These are the choice by some pool owners because it is durable when powder coated or marine grade steel is used.

  • Glass pool fencing

When it comes to glass pool fencing, you can have the privilege of having uninterrupted views. It has also become the go-to pool fence for homeowners.

For glass pool fencing, glass panels are attached to a stainless steel or aluminium post with a spigot. There are also two basic styles of glass pool fencing.

1. Frameless

This type of glass pool fence consists of glass panels that are secured by ground-mounted brackets or spigots. This type of glass fencing is the most expensive style.

2. Semi-frameless

Semi-frameless glass pool fences consist of glass panels that are separated by posts. These posts are where the panels are attached. Compared to frameless glass fencing, this type is less costly.

Pool fencing safety regulations

In Australia, pool fences have specific standards to meet. Below are some of the pool compliance requirements.

  • The fencing must be at least 1.2 metres high when measured from the outside of the fencing.

  • Boundary fences must be at least 1.8 metres high.

  • The pool fencing must be made from a certain type of durable material that can't be broken through.

  • Gaps in the fencing must be small enough that children can't fit through the gaps

  • The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground mustn't be greater than 100mm.

  • There can't be a way for children to scale the fence.

  • Pool gates must be self-latching and self-closing to prevent children from entering the pool area.

  • Pool latches must be located inside the fence to stop children from being able to open the gate.

Pool fencing maintenance

Pool owners should not only allot a budget for the pool fence installation but also for the maintenance. Pool maintenance is important to keep the pool fence and gate in good condition.

Regularly check the gate and latch if it operates as they should. Furthermore, the fencing panels should be checked. It should have no rust or tears and all bolts should be tightened regularly.

Pool fencing cost

In order to get an accurate cost for pool fencing, it is better to ask for quotes from your chosen pool fence installer.

Other than that, here are some of the estimated price for pool fence installation.

  • $200 to $350 per linear metre for a treated pine timber slat fence

  • $450 to $600 per linear metre for a wrought iron fence

  • $200 to $275 per linear metre for semi-frameless glass pool fencing

  • $275 to $600 per linear metre for a frameless glass fence

After all, prices may vary depending on the scale of the project, quality of the materials and components to be used.

Hiring a pool fence installer

When looking for a pool fence vendor and installer, take time to plan and make sure that they are right for the job. This means that they must be knowledgeable and experience enough especially when it comes to the pool fence requirements in Australia.


The price really matters to most customers especially to those who has a tight budget. Thus, planning ahead for your pool fence installation is very important.

This blog post can surely help you since it can provide an overview of how much it cost to install pool fence. It can also help you choose the best pool fence option for your swimming pool.

For pool fencing installation, you can get quotes from your trusted pool fence supplier. They can also give you more information regarding pool fence compliance, pool repairs and many more.